Saturday, August 28, 2010

Leighton Police Commissioner Arrested

Teresa Lannaman is a member of the Leighton Town Council and the Police Commissioner of that fair Colbert County town. The 49 year-old convenience store owner is currently serving her third term as Place 1 representative--she may soon be serving a different kind of term.

A 1981 graduate of Muscle Shoals High School, Lannaman was arrested on harassment charges early Thursday morning and was reportedly bonded out of Colbert County Jail by her husband, Jamaican native Russell (the Love Muscle) Lannaman. How important is her arrest to the Shoals political scene?

The answer to that question is: It depends. A source close to Leighton poltitics has informed us that the ABI, previously called in to investigate Mayor LaWayne Harrison, is currently working with the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate several complaints against both the mayor and other city officials. In other words, if you've ever wanted to serve on the Leighton Town Council, now may be the time to throw your chapeau into the slightly tarnished ring.


The license revocation hearing for Brian Keith McGuire has again been continued. The issues in this particular case against McGuire are now over eight years old. Let's hope the Alabama Department of Education charges against McGuire can be officially settled before the end of the year.


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