Sunday, August 29, 2010

Special Report: It Doesn't Pay to be Drunk in Cherokee...

This morning we published a special report concerning an elected official from Cherokee. The post contained pictures and a quote that were supposedly provided by this councilperson.

According to the person in question, the photographer and/or persons unknown acquired the password to both her Yahoo and Facebook accounts, hacked in, and added the salacious material. We will take the councilwoman at her word and delete the photos and quote.

Do we believe this person's account of how the photographs came to be on Facebook and Yahoo. We honestly have no idea. These photos were also published on the TimesDaily site; making ours the fourth site to publish them--not exactly breaking news at that point.

Our intention was, and is, to encourage Shoals voters to elect qualified leaders. God knows they are in short supply in this area. It was certainly never our intention to cause any discord between the councilwoman and her family and friends.

Our apologies. We do suggest that the councilwoman check her social networking sites more often since one entry we published was two weeks old.