Thursday, August 5, 2010

Job Opening-Part Time-Entry Level-40K/Yr.

It's official that it's going to be official. That is to say we're going to vote on it. On what? On separating the positions of Lauderdale County Probate Judge and Commission Head. Here's a run down on the basics: Do We Need Two Deweys?

Now, the questions left to be answered are: Just how much will this part time job really pay? Also, Lauderdale voters should be asking why our county commission has been debating a job description for a job that may change in the immediate future (EMA Director) when they knew it was almost a done deal we would vote on creating a Commission Head for which there is no current written description.

Shouldn't the voters know just how much such a position will cost before they vote yes or no in November? That's not to mention just how will this commission head be selected. Do we risk letting the current commission select the new head, or are we willing to pay for a separate election (the current tentative plan)?

Questions, questions. Let's hear some answers from our commission; in three months it will be too late.


Who's who in the town of Cherokee? We've had several questions as to who is married to/child of/second cousin once-removed from elected town officials. We will be composing a chart for future publication. If you know of some connection, please forward it to us. Thanks.


We also have some questions about the newest Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors plan for a plan for a decision for...hmmm, we just became lost in their convoluted decision making process. Nevertheless, in the next few days we will be touching on expense reports. This could be be boring, so we will first regale you, gentle reader, with a true tale.

Many years ago a young doctor of agronomy had to visit a phosphate plant. Whether or not he knew just what he would encounter at the plant, we don't know. For those who have never visited or read about such plants, let's just say that much rogue phosphate wafts on the air and that phosphate burns.

When the agronomist discovered his expensive new rain coat was ruined, he included the cost of a new one in his expense report. His employer crossed it off. The next month, the young man again included the price of a new coat; again his company refused to pay.

The third month, he omitted the charge for the coat and was promptly reimbursed for the full amount listed on his expense report. Upon claiming his check, his supervisor remarked, "I see you gave up on recouping the cost of that expensive coat." The agronomist smiled as he replied, "Oh, the cost of the coat is in there. You just don't see it this time."

Thanks to those who have donated to the medical fund for John, the injured beagle. We're still short of the $500.00 and will be offering an update tomorrow.


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