Monday, August 30, 2010

The Tale of Two Train Wrecks

We don't want to look at train wrecks; we know we shouldn't look at train wrecks; yet we invariably do look at train wrecks. Colbert County seems to have two train wrecks--one at each end, veritable bookends you might say.

Neither Cherokee nor Leighton can have a town council meeting without harsh words and strong language--and sometimes fisticuffs. The mayor has been sued in Leighton, as has the mayor's wife in Cherokee. Both towns have female town council members who have been in the news this past week--neither for any meritorious actions. Leighton is being investigated by the Federal Department of Justice, while Cherokee is the subject several State ethics complaints.

Is there a cure for these two towns and their anti-social behavior? Nanny McPhee Part III coming soon...


Our mail is running five to one against our removing the Cherokee town council member pics; however, there was the slight chance her accounts were actually hacked. We think it was probably an instance of someone providing the password to the wrong person and look to hear more about this in the immediate future. As we publish, the council member's Yahoo status of "needing some action and satisfaction" is still up...

For the few who felt the pics shouldn't be republished, remember this person is an elected official, one who makes decisions that affect the entire community. We understand she also makes medical decisions in her role as a rescue squad volunteer. Hacked accounts or not, there were some very bad decisions made here.


Words from Mother Dear: Three things that don't mix...Oil & Water, Ammonia & Chlorine Bleach, a Thong and a Man with a Camera. Mother Dear was always right.


Now, let's return to the train wreck. From C. R.:

Keeper of the Keys

It seems there is a battle of the keys in Cherokee. The city council voted to change the locks on the door to the city clerk’s office. The only person that would have the key would be the city clerk. The mayor of the city would not be allowed to have access. The council wanted to make sure the mayor was really insulted and let the city clerk keep a key to the mayor’s office.

It appears that the mayor has had enough of the council. Friday when the city clerk was off for training he changed the locks to the city clerk’s office and his own. Sunday night after 9:00 p.m. the city clerk Melinda Malone went to city hall and found the locks changed. Melinda Malone called the police officer on duty and the officer called his dad the chief of police and the chief called the mayor. The mayor came to city hall and gave a copy of the key to the city clerk office to Melinda Malone and made her sign for receiving a copy of the key. This should make for an interesting council meeting Sept 7.



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