Tuesday, August 3, 2010

222 Votes to Make Rogersville Wet?

According to the calculations of one of our readers, Rogersville could go wet with as few as 222 voters checking yes on the special ballot. Pushing for the referendum is Joe Warren, identified in a recent TimesDaily article only as the owner of "a convenience store...in Rogersville." Warren is in fact the owner of Warren's BP, a business that may be hurting do to the recent half-hearted attempts at boycotting the BP Oil Company.

In future days, we'll be publishing some pro and con columns on the eternal liquor debate. In the mean time, we'll leave you with a local wag's view on the positive side of the issue:

For those who say alcohol never benefits society, let me mention three points.

1. It always came in handy in those WWII movies when the ship's cook had to take out some poor sailor's appendix.

2. It really does make the opposite sex look better by closing time.

3. Well...I thought there was a third one, but I never could count after a few drinks anyway.


The City of Florence may be in trouble trying to enforce a ban on cell phones, while allowing the use of CB radios. We can see the proliferation of those extra long, bobbing antennae now...


Our Cherokee Update from C. R.:

Cherokee Water Board Turmoil

Anyone who has attended a Cherokee Water Board meeting will tell you that most of the meetings are quick and efficient. There is an occasional citizen complaining of a high water bill and the normal ranting of Mignon Willis' twin sister Betty McKinney; outside of that things are normally peaceful.

Over the last few meetings things have started to become very tense. What has changed the mood and the efficiency of the meetings? I believe everything changed when Mignon Willis joined the water board. The first meeting that Mignon Willis attended went fairly good. Mignon Willis made a few motions and a couple of them passed. After that meeting things have changed. It appears that Mignon Willis has an agenda that is based on grandstanding. At Monday night’s meeting the other water board members had enough of the grandstanding. The water board agreed to request an Attorney General’s Opinion in reference to Mignon Willis refusal to take a drug test.

During the meeting, Mignon Willis stated she had a problem with water board members getting paid when they do not attend a board meeting. One board member informed Mignon Willis that the only time anyone misses a meeting is when they are at work. Someone stated “Mignon Willis, you did not have a problem taking money for being an accountant for the family business in Mississippi”. The Cherokee Water Board Attorney told Mignon Willis “you should resign”. One water board member told Mignon Willis to “shut up”. The water board members were trying to discuss an agenda item that Mignon Willis had put on the agenda. An argument broke out and the meeting was quickly adjourned.

Cherokee City Council Meeting

The Cherokee City Council will hold a city council meeting on Tuesday August 3rd starting at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. The work session will be held at 5:00 p.m. and the regular meeting at 6:00 p.m. Most of the discussions occur during the work session. A person close to the situation promises this meeting could go down in Cherokee history. This meeting could end up replacing the story about the shoot out on Main Street.



Ssssh. It's coming to the Shoals soon...