Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jim Bevis Takes His Toys & Goes Home

Florence Tourism Board member Jim Bevis has never been allied with Lauderdale member Selton Killen. When term limit restraints forced Killen to give up his current position, Bevis felt he was the obvious choice to replace his nemesis as new director of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board. Instead the board chose Sandra Killen-Burroughs, the lone Florence-Lauderdale member.

Bevis has now resigned, but states he hopes he can serve the City of Florence in some other capacity. Along with his resignation, Bevis injected a few jabs concerning Florence versus Lauderdale County. Yes, Florence does bring in the majority of tourism revenue, but Killen-Burroughs also serves Florence as well as Lauderdale County.

If Bevis truly wished to serve the City of Florence, he would have remained on the board. No one, in any business or other endeavor, always gets his or her way. The winner in such situations is the one who can work within the status quo; those who quit and go home serve no purpose other than causing further discord.


Our local hero today is Sam Pendleton. Mr. Pendleton has served the West Florence district for many years as its council representative. He has been there for his district through rough times--times when many others would have given up.

Now, several areas of West Florence are experiencing a rejuvenation. This would not have happened without Mr. Pendleton--a man who cares about his city and his neighborhood.


Okay, put down all drinks while viewing this video; we're not responsible for any shorted-out keyboards. We just hope Simon Cowell takes notice of Antoine. The video has gone viral on YouTube, and Antoine deserves a chance at a career:


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