Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maisie: Thank You So Much for Helping Me!

Trader came by to see me yesterday. The last time he saw me, I had just undergone surgery and was not feeling too good. I am afraid I was not a real good host that day. As I lay there, I heard Dr. Cobb telling Trader he was real concerned that he might have to take my leg off if infection started to set in. Dr. Cobb showed Trader the X Rays of my left hip where the bone was not only snapped in two completely, but I had bone splinters which were hard to pin and wire back in place. To make matters worse my pelvis was broken in several places. He could only allow Mother Nature to put it back together and that would take time.

It has been a few weeks now and I am so tired of being confined to a cage. They told me I had to stay confined for a little while longer to allow my hip and pelvis to continue to heal. Everybody here loves on me, and Dr. Cobb told Trader I was getting spoiled.

According to Trader, Dr. Cobb told him the danger of infection has now passed and he has taken me off of the antibiotics. Now! It’s just a matter of gradually allowing me to walk to get my hip strength back. They took me out today so Trader could take some pictures of me. He said he wanted everyone to see what the result of kindness can produce when so many human beings pitched in to help me survive. Trader told me my injuries would normally have been a death sentence without someone like Dr. Cobb willing to go the extra distance to save my life.

I could not believe my ears and my hope soared when Trader told me of the checks that were starting to come in from as far away as New Hampshire, Michigan, Georgia, Maine, and from the humans who live in this area. I especially want to thank Asst. Chief Bobby Inman of the Leighton Police Department who helped get the information out about me needing help. I was told yesterday he was involved in a car accident and he is going to be confined to a cage for a while until he can move better. Hang in there, Bobby! The days go slow but you will be out sooner than you think!

This is the first time in my life that I have received so much kindness from so many human beings. It is because so many that showed kindness to me knowing that I could not pay them back that I am still alive.

Dr. Cobb said I have about another 6 weeks of convalescence before they can even think about finding me a family. It would be nice to be able to love on some humans just like I have been loved on these past few weeks. Whoever is interested in adopting me into their family I hope will allow me to stay indoors as Dr. Cobb said, that due to my injuries, extreme cold, dampness, etc., would cause me a lot of pain if I was placed out in it all the time.

Again! Thank You So Much For Giving Me My Life Back!



Trader has a list of everyone who has contributed to Maisie's surgery and convalescence. Donations are still needed, but we are almost there. After she has completely recuperated and been placed, he will be in contact with each of you. Thanks to everyone who made Maisie's new life possible.


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