Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keith McGuire: "...Looked Down Their Blouses"

An anonymous source with the Alabama Department of Education has sent us a partial transcript of the July 2008 hearing that sought to revoke the teaching license of Brian Keith McGuire. McGuire is a Lauderdale County native who was tried last year in a separate rape case and found not guilty.

According to records, the 2008 hearing involved at least two new allegations concerning the former coach at Clements High School in Limestone County. McGuire left Clements in 2002 after claims he inappropriately touched two female students during one-on-one basketball practice. The new allegations claim: McGuire looked down their blouses during push-ups in Physical Education class.

The 2008 hearing has been continued twice--once until the Lauderdale rape charges could be adjudicated and a second time at the request of McGuire's attorney. The hearing is set to resume, ostensibly with still new testimony, on August 26th.


The truth about Cherokee Councilman Mike Malone? Malone, husband of Town Clerk Melinda Malone, is rumored to be a candidate for mayor in 2012. He has also been rumored for some time to be in the camp of former mayor Mignon Willis.

Last week Malone was raked over the coals in another blog for attempting to have police oust local students who were using the town hall parking lot for Youth Football cheer leading practice. Here is the account found in C.O.B.R.A.: Link

Tomorrow we'll have a guest commentary on the issue from our friend J. J. Ray. Our personal take on the situation is that Murphy has set up housekeeping in the town hall; you all know Murphy--if it can go wrong, he makes sure it will.


Into posters? This 1926 panorama reprint is available on eBay. The vendor doesn't list the photographer of this Wilson Dam view, but it probably came from Landrum Studios: Link


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