Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jerry O'Dell Kelley Gets 25 Year Sentence

Less than a month after his escape, convicted First Degree rapist Jerry O'Dell Kelley has received two concurrent 25 years sentences in Franklin County. Kelley, who committed his original crime in Michigan, was in the Franklin County jail for failing to register as a sex offender in Alabama when he managed to pull off an impromptu exit.

Kudos to Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing for securing such stiff sentences for Kelley. We doubt that this bad boy is a prime candidate for parole.

We do wonder why Kelley chose a large public park as his post escape destination. Surely a thinking person would have chosen a truck stop or similar entity where he would not be recognized while awaiting a ride. We have to consider the possibility that Kelley, whose previous victim was a nine year-old girl, knew his escape would be short-lived and planned to make what he considered the most of his temporary freedom. Fast work by the Tuscumbia Police may have saved another child from this waste of oxygen.


Doubt that sex offenders usually blame their victims? Consider today's TimesDaily article on Alexander Ray. Ray, who is charged with sodomizing a nine year-old girl, claims his victim took advantage of him. We sincerely hope that Ray's future dorm mates will do exactly what he claims his victim did.


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