Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dr. Death Goes to Mayberry

Dr. Death Goes to Mayberry

A Guest Commentary By

J. J. Ray

For those of you that have not seen the promo by Sheriff Andy Taylor feel fortunate. The enthusiasm generated by the short promo by Andy Griffith about the new Benefits for Medicare should have sent shock waves all the way to Mayberry. That of course could not happen because there is no Mayberry and the new Medicare benefits are just as counterfeit. It was political spin as usual. Obama has tried to barker his new OBAMACARE in as many formats as possible. However, he just cannot overcome the statements made by Dr. Death live and on YouTube. “Where some people die waiting in line for medical treatment” in Britain. It is difficult to refute those remarks that have been preserved for posterity by Dr. Donald Berwick aka “Dr. Death”.

Apparently, the Chicago regime that has taken over D.C. has hoodwinked Sheriff Taylor. We all know he is an avowed liberal but I thought he was more intelligent than to be taken in by the Obama coven. Maybe they supplied him with some “Cliff Notes” regarding the Two thousand plus pages of OBAMACARE so he could study up before ranting about the benefits that do not exist. Facts are facts and everyone in this country should read the new law. Then, they should go to YouTube and watch Dr. Death at work. Given the status of Andy’s wealth, I doubt he will use Medicare, but possibly, he will go along with Dr. Death and his leader Barry Obama and redistribute his enormous wealth. I will stand in line to get my share. Will you? All we need is a date. But wait that means Socialism will have to take over the country and Obama will join Hugo Chavez as a new dictator. What would Comrades Pelosi and Reid do then with no Congress or Constitution?

Nonetheless, we will have redistribution of wealth. Unfortunately, it will not come from the top two percent but from the middle and those that can least afford it. According to the talking heads, taxes are going up in January if the Bush tax cuts are not continued.

Sheriff Andy Taylor will be proud to pay more. Will you be ready? If not, call, write, email our elected folks in D.C. and tell them to continue the Bush Tax cuts. Forget Barry and the Chicago gang--they do not care. There are those that do care. I believe they are called conservatives. Those folks in Cherokee on the city council should take notice at how adeptly their cohorts in D.C. manipulate their constituents. Perhaps they should inquire and see if they have classes. Who knows, we could have D.C. South.


Several readers commented on yesterday's Elvis offering from eBay. We dated the Sheffield photo from 1955, but an astute fan placed it in 1956, as well as noticing the vendor incorrectly described EP as returning to Graceland, which he didn't purchase until 1957.

Here's a bit of Tuscumbia history which the seller places in the 1960s. Our initial take was the late 1950s; we did find where Polly Thompson (pictured to Keller's immediate right) retired in 1957. If any of our readers can expound upon the event, please e-mail us. We would also be interested in the identities of the other two individuals and why the woman at the far right looks as if she has just undergone a root canal without benefit of anesthetic.

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