Monday, August 9, 2010

TimesDaily on Guatemalan Immigration

We're sure most of our readers also read the Sunday TimesDaily article on Guatemalan Pedro Machic. Unfortunately, the article touched on a few hot buttons and failed to address what journalist Trevor Stokes should have considered glaring issues.

Machic states he doesn't know why the ICE agents came to his home; apparently Stokes doesn't either. If he asked, he failed to mention it in his report. Why didn't the immigration agents also arrest Machic's wife and son, both also here illegally? A lot of three day old fish there...

Why do many Hispanics who dub themselves pastors support illegal immigration? Surely they can't justify their stance in either State/Federal law or the teachings of Jesus, who commanded us to "render unto Caesar."

Why does Russellville Mayor Troy Oliver state the city school system couldn't survive without the immigrant students? Certainly fewer students mean fewer tax dollars, but with fewer students come fewer expenses. To publicly state he supports illegal immigrants, Oliver leaves himself open to a covey of opposition in the next election.


A reader informs us of a new business in downtown Russellville. For many years, Miller Hardware operated a large storefront at 109 West Lawrence Street. Now a Hispanic grocery store sits in its place.

The building's front windows are newly covered with many small signs advertising exotic foods and fountain drinks. The largest sign? We Accept EBT Cards.

We sympathize with anyone who cannot support his or her family; however, we do not support providing illegal immigrants with funds from our tax dollars. If any reader feels otherwise, please send us a guest commentary and we will gladly publish it.


Longing for a simpler time? How about Sheffield 1955? The date does explain why everyone is looking at the food vendors and not Elvis...

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