Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Steve Guthrie Thanks his Physician

Leighton police officer Steve Guthrie has been cleared of all charges involving an incident at his Sheffield apartment. Why? Guthrie's prescribing physician informed the Sheffield Municipal Court and Leighton Town Council that any problems Guthrie suffered at the time of his arrest were the results of legally prescribed medication. While we're sure B. T. Gardner aggressively defended Guthrie, we have no doubt the doctor's statement provided the impetus to lift Guthrie's suspension.


Assistant Leighton Police Chief Bobby Inman has requested a week to recuperate from injuries received in a Sheffield automobile accident Saturday afternoon. Inman has assisted in collecting funds for injured Beagle Maisie, and we wish him a speedy recovery.


Sick of the rail car plant? Just imagine how David Bronner and retired state employees feel. A reader pointed out to us that the RSA has now invested the better part of a billion dollars in the so far failed endeavor.

If 120 employees seem like small potatoes, just think of the payroll required to keep that many on staff. Assuming an average salary of $10.00 per hour (and we're sure it's much more), the yearly payroll exceeds 2.5 million. That's not counting utilities for the mile long structure.

The RSA's 2009 annual report listed assets of over 27 billion; so just how important is National Alabama in the RSA's grand investment scheme? Let's just say if Dr. Bronner could find a buyer, we predict he would sell.


We've all heard of the Grant Hotel, but the Sheffield Hotel? This image is from 1930 and available on eBay: Link


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