Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off Shore Bank Accounts?

Was National Steel Car's Barton plant, d/b/a National Alabama, ever intended to produce an actual product? One would hope this was the case whether Greg Aziz and others at NSC in Hamilton, Ontario, actually anticipated the promised large rail car orders or not for their US spin-off.

However, according to one source, the plant may have been nothing more than a front for money laundering. From Jim Bonner's election blog:

What I know, or think I know since this is all just whispered rumor around the coffee pot, is that the Alabama Bureau of Investigation was called in because money was being funneled into private offshore accounts. This investigation resulted in the replacement of the local plant manager for National Alabama. (twice). So the rumor goes.

You have likely heard nothing about it. I have to assume that if something significantly illegal was going on somebody would have been extradited from Canada. I really assume that. I really do.

I know, or think I know, that CSX in Florida bought 750 rail cars on the pretext that National Steel Car had the production facilities to make them inside the United States. I know or think I know, that those cars are being manufactured in Canada and will be railroaded right past the Barton Plant.

For those who wish to read the entire entry, here's the link: July 14th Post


Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Robert Bentley will begin some serious campaigning in a less than serious setting--a pumpkin patch. That sounds like fun to us.

For those of you who are up for a Saturday drive, Bentley will be speaking at the Clanton Pumpkin Patch at 11:00 a.m. on August 21st. Here's a link to this family-fun farm: Link


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