Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rail Car Plant to Leave Shoals?

What should have been the headline of today's TimesDaily was merely the last sentence in Trevor Stokes' article on the abysmal wages paid in the Shoals. Here for the world to read is the sad news:

When asked about the future of the railcar facility, Wright would only comment, “We're talking with companies that could operate in that facility.”

Forrest Wright is head of the Shoals Economic Development Authority. Perhaps this was the way of our local newspaper informing us the cat is on the roof.


Is tourism, not manufacturing, to be the Shoals' long term future? Certainly our friend Sandra Killen-Burroughs is making things happen in that area. From a recent press release:

Sandra Killen Burroughs, with the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association and chairman of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board has completed the first portion of a three-year professional development program that will lead to certification as a Tourism Marketing Professional (TMP).

Killen Burroughs was one of 232 tourism professionals enrolled at the Southeast Tourism Society Marketing College earlier this month. The week-long program turns the facilities of North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, Ga., into a laboratory to teach tourism marketing each summer.

There is no other professional development program like the STS Marketing College, and it is recognized nationally for its training of tourism leaders. 564 people have earned TMP certification.


According to D.K., the murder trial in the death of local nurse Melissa Garrett has been postponed until October. Her accused killer Darryl David Thompson remains in the Lauderdale County Detention Center.


From C. R. (All Cherokee residents should read this--way to go, C. R.):

What are Law Enforcement Guns Used For ?

One would think that a law enforcement weapon would be used on duty. The use of the weapon would protect the public and officer from an armed assailant. It does not appear this is the case in Cherokee. Two Police issued weapons were stolen while the police officer was on duty. The report was taken by the Tuscumbia Police Department. The report states an AR-15 and shotgun were stolen from the officer's residence in Tuscumbia. The officer, who is the police chief’s son, found the guns stolen from his house while on duty.

Why was the officer at his house while on duty in Cherokee? This could explain the slow response time to several calls by this officer. Why was the officer on duty without his city issued weapons? Reliable sources state just a week before the theft, the officer had to return to his house to get his AR-15 because of a deadly situation that arose while he was on duty. Speeding at a very high rate would take at least 30 minutes for the officer to return to his house and retrieve his weapons, then return to Cherokee.

Mister police officer, you might want to carry your issued weapons with you while on duty. I am sorry, I forgot they were stolen and you cannot carry them anymore.



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