Saturday, March 10, 2018

So You're a Parent, Now What?

Today's word from the Anonymous Deacon is one of the most profound things we've read in quite some time. We urge every parent to read it:

“Good” Isn’t Good Enough

What was really hidden in Al Capone’s vault? Where did Jimmy Hoffa finally end up? Is having 200 years of history recapped every ten minutes the true Curse of Oak Island? What did your child do at school today? These are just a few of the unsolved mysteries that plague the world around us. If your son or daughter is anything like mine everyday is “good” and every question asked is immediately answered with “I don’t know.” As easy as it may be to accept these generic answers for what they are so we can move on to cooking dinner, cutting the grass, or the million other tasks that have to get done each night; as parents we must learn to grab our shovels and really dig into what our kids are going through while at school.

If you think incidents like the one that took place in Parkland, Florida, only happen someplace else, then clearly you haven’t been reading our posts recently concerning the threat of gun violence at Sheffield and Red Bay schools. Our kids are being exposed to more drugs, more sex, and more threats of violence everyday and there’s no age limit to when it starts. The only way to combat this evil is to put the generic questions aside and skip straight to the ones that require more than a one word answer.

Who did you hang out with at lunch?
What did you guys talk about?
What did you talk about in class?
What was the favorite part of your day?
What was your least favorite part of the day?
Why is everything savage and why do you keep saying I’m salty?

Does your child have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account? Do you follow it on a regular basis? I’m not suggesting you sneak inside their rooms during the day and look for their hidden stash, but I do think privacy is a concept meant for adults and not teens or pre-teens. Call me what you will, but I want to know why my child needs to close the door if he/she is just going to be watching TV. I want to know who they are talking to on the phone or texting at all ours of the night. I’m the one who sets the standards for what’s appropriate for my children to be posting on social media and honestly I’m not too concerned if they disagree with me. As a parent, my job is to protect them and turn them into responsible adults. How can I do that if I’m not involved in all aspects of their development or if they are running around with an entirely different identity on Facebook?

When it comes to our children, the days of being seen and not heard have completely flipped. I encourage you to stop asking one word questions about how your child’s day went and stop being okay when that’s all you get back in return.  Don’t be afraid to get in their business, find out what’s on their minds, and help them deal with any issues they may be facing. Put an end to the mystery of what they are doing online and protect your child from facing the world alone.



Can parents/teachers watch a child 24/7? The answer would seem to be no. No matter how much you try, barring paying a company to ankle monitor your child, you have to teach, pray, and hope for the best. 

Teach? We often preach about teaching a child the signs of a sexual predator or other person who might have some kind of designs on them. It was only earlier this week that a Franklin County man was accused of trying to lure two young boys into his truck. The boys, who were reportedly playing in their own front yard, ran! Thank God that their parents had taught them well.  

Now we have a convicted child rapist murdered in Lauderdale County. 

Did his crime or an attempted new crime play a part in his death? It's certainly possible. Be aware of who your neighbors are. The child you save may be your own.

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