Thursday, March 8, 2018

School Parking?/Bolding & Holland

Can all business and individuals use publicly owned  Muscle Shoals City School property for personal parking like this fella does? 

City inspectors, I believe you have issued citations in the past to others who have done the same??

This is hardly legal for an individual to use and subject the public's property to the wear and tear for their personal use.

Is it allowed because this fellow's sister is married to an Underwood just as superintendent coach Lindsey is? Is that some more of that faMily business?

All in the faMily - at YOUR expense Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayers. 

By the way, isn't that the yahoo who sold MS schools those worthless imported Chinese LED message signs that are now dead, dying, or unreadable?

Way to go Lindsey and your gal friday Woods - bet you'll be asking the city council or citizens for money to replace all those signs that you both pushed so hard to get from that person.

Things seem to be becoming real clear.



From a reader:


So, Brian Robinson comes up with a scheme to fraud investors…that we can all agree on.  Now, take into consideration his employees, Brad Bolding and Caitlin Burns Holland.

Knowing nothing about Bolding but Holland is, or at least was, a licensed, practicing attorney.  That means she graduated from an accredited Law School and passed the Alabama State Bar exam. With that pedigree, one would think she would have learned the basics of Contracts 101 and recognized all the red flags immediately.

While we agree Brian Robinson is the father of this debacle, Bolding and Holland must be deemed as equal co-conspirators unless you want us to believe both are mentally incapacitated. Both knew they were breaking the law by signing Robinson’s name on the mortgages and Holland certainly knew she couldn’t notarize the documents without Robinson being present unless she had power of attorney for him.

So the question is, why make Robinson the sole criminal in this case and portray Bolding and Holland as innocent bystanders who were tricked into breaking the law.  Do you allege that Robinson cast an evil spell on Bolding and Holland that caused them to do anything he said without question? Let’s be real, this group of Robinson, Bolding and Holland knew exactly what they were doing.  Maybe not from the onset for Bolding and Holland but they definitely were knowledgeable of the fact that what they were doing was illegal. Sad part is innocent investors have to suffer for their dirty deeds. After reading the lawsuit it’s obvious that not only did Holland fraud the investors but she also committed fraud against the malpractice insurance carrier.

Now, take into consideration, Holland is the President of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce and one would think they’d be somewhat concerned over her alleged wrong doing but we haven’t heard a peep out of them or our Daily Disappointment newspaper.  Bad part for Holland is the malpractice carrier has “real” attorneys who know the law and exposed her criminal behavior. What I don’t understand is why this is more a civil proceeding that criminal. Forgery is a felony where this much money is involved and falsifying the notarizations is also a crime, not sure if felony or misdemeanor.

So, why are criminal charges not being levied against her? Guess our local DAs can answer that or perhaps the Alabama Attorney General.  No doubt the malpractice carrier will prevail in this lawsuit and Robinson, Bolding and Holland will be on the hook financially for the money lost by the investors. But you’ve heard the old saying, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip…Robinson, if he has any of this money left has probably hidden it well so he can probably claim he’s broke, know nothing about Bolding or Holland’s assets but there could be a small amount of money that can be recovered. Realistically, they’ll all file bankruptcy and all the money lost (stolen) will be just that…LOST and gone forever.

Robinson has made a living by duping people out of money, Bolding is listed as management with Providence Real Estate Partners so we assume he’s unemployed now and Holland can continue as Chamber President and probably land a role on a reality show like “World’s Dumbest Criminals”. 

Lessons learned for the McKinney brothers (who we’re sure will figure out another angle to make a buck any way and means they can) and all the other investors, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.   


We present all sides of issues here (as long as they don't promote violence, etc.). The above guest blog does not reflect our feelings in many ways. We feel it's easy to be drawn into something and then attempt to cover it up to protect family, etc. We can't say that Bolding and Holland were willing participants in the crime of theft.

In the case of Bolding and Holland, this has backfired. We've been asked why there have been no criminal charges brought against Robinson, Bolding, and Holland. Victims would have to report the theft to the Colbert County District Attorney's office, and this apparently has not happened. It's certainly a possibility in the future.

Our opinion was and is that Bryan K. Robinson has a great deal to answer for and in an ideal world will go to prison. We can't say the same about Bolding and Holland.

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