Friday, March 2, 2018

Sheffield Times Two

School Threats This Week
By: The Midnight Rider

It is sad that we have to write this article. What is the world coming to? Basically the world is going to Hell in a handbag. Everyone is getting offended over small things.  People are protesting over these small things. People need to return to the old ways and their Bible. There have been three school threats this week in this area. Let’s look at them:
Red Bay, AL:
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This week a Junior High School Student made threat(s). These threats were taken seriously. The Student was arrested and taken to the Tennessee Valley Juvenile Detention Center. The population of Red Bay, AL is approximately 3,200 people. Their Police Force led by Chief Janna Jackson did the appropriate action by taking this threat seriously.  
Sheffield, AL:
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This week a High School Student made a threat saying he had a gun. We are hearing that he did not have a real one but a toy gun. This student was suspended one day. The Sheffield Police Department was not contacted. There is a member of the Sheffield Police Department that is a School Resource Officer. Not only that, but the parents were not notified of the incident. We have been reading on Facebook that some of the parents have found out and are displeased. The Times Daily has not reported on this. However Shoalanda Speaks and Pen-N-Sword have.  
The population for Sheffield, AL is a little over 9,000 people.
Cherokee, AL:
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Yesterday, a student found a threat had been written on the wall of the bathroom. The School Officials were notified. Superintendent Satchel informed the School Resource Officer as well as the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department as well as Cherokee Police Department responded to the school.  
This morning, the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department, Cherokee Police Department as well as the Alabama State Troopers was present as Students came to school to make sure that the kids arriving were safe. Our hats are off to Chief Williamson, Sheriff Williamson and the State Troopers for this.  
The population of Cherokee, AL is a little over 1,000 people.  
So, with the above information, it makes us wonder if we should send our kids to a small town school. The actions (or lack of action) by the Sheffield Police Department may have endangered the students and it sure didn’t make the parents feel that their children were safe.  
We are going to give a thumbs up to Cherokee and Red Bay. Don’t even get us started on Sheffield.   
That’s it for now. But remember, the Midnight Rider will always be around to voice his/her/their (?) opinion.  

I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.



The Sinkhole!

The new gateway to the nether regions is at the corner of Atlanta and 12th Avenues in Sheffield. Yes, that town again.

Courtesy of T. Johnson

We understand that while repairing the huge sinkhole, workers are also looking for Jimmy Hoffa and Lord Lucan. 

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