Monday, March 5, 2018

Who Killed the Possum?

Possums? Who hasn't killed one? We'll admit to running over a few...albeit unintentionally. That last word is what sets us apart from a local high school student.

An Instagram video depicting an intentional death began to make the rounds recently. Colbert animal control believes the video originated with a local high school student. We've even been told which Colbert County high school; however, we're waiting for an arrest to publish that information.

Will there be an arrest in the video that depicted a young male stomping a possum to death? There's a 5,000.00 reward, so we're predicting there will be. At that time, his name and school affiliation will be published here...even is he's only 14 or 15. At that age a person is able to know that taking the life of an innocent animal is wrong, and whoever killed the Shoals marsupial should be exposed.



Now, young ladies, if this sadistic teenager did that to a possum for pleasure, what will he do to you if he's mad? Whoever he may be, simply strike him off your dating list right now. Oh, wait, we know...he's just misunderstood and has a good heart. What we also know is that if you believe that, you're a few peanuts shy of a bag of zoo food.

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