Thursday, March 1, 2018

Voting Democrat?/Guns Like the Flu?

While there's still over 90 days until the election, it's not too early to think about the June primary. In Lauderdale County, two of the commissioners will be up for re-election: Joe Hackworth and Brad Holmes. 

We've always found Brad Holmes to be a man of integrity. As for Hackworth, we've never seen him in action, so to speak. After four years on the commission, perhaps that says something. No matter how we may personally feel about the two, many voters are out for blood over both animal issues and the lack of momentum in securing new bridges for the county. 

Let's hope they campaign well. Good luck to all four candidates at this point.



From a reader:

I wanted to rebut J. Redmon's pro gun stance. He seems to think that just one gun death in a country with strict gun control means failure. If we thought that, why would anyone take the flu vaccine? It prevents the flu in about 40,000 out of 100,000 who take it. So why bother? At least that would be Mr. Redmon's take on matters.

Times are changing.


We see that Ryan Tolliver Johnson has asked for youthful offender status in the death of Samuel Jackson Newton. Two points should be noted, and probably will be noted by Judge Gil Self.

1. So you think now, Mr. Johnson, that you're too youthful to have made the right decision the night you caused a death? Wait a second. You were too youthful to have drunk half a liquor store that night as well. Still you did. (And we would love to know who provided him with the alcohol or if he stole it.)

2. If you want the judge and others to take pity on you, perhaps you would have done better not to have smirked in your mugshot. 

We see that some are predicting Johnson will get probation, but others in a similar position in this county have gotten around 30 months. It's no more than Johnson deserves.

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  1. Ronnie D Green is running against Joe Hackworth. Ronnie is a man of integrity, a local leader who will listen to citizens and take action. Contrary to what many local voters have been led to believe, you will NOT catch on fire if you pick one out of the (D) column on the ballot. A lot of people found that out in the special senate election. Do what is best for the citizens of the county and vote for Ronnie D Green.