Friday, March 9, 2018

It's Going to Get Smelly in Sheffield

From a reader:

The Inspiration Landing amphitheater... According to the TD, it was scheduled to open in Spring 2018. That’s two weeks away! Who’s the first headliner? The Stones? The Eagles? Aerosmith? Doctors, Lawyers, and Such? Hope there aren’t any trains blocking the crossings. (My sarcasm is running deep today.)


Logically, John Elkington would have first contacted those he thought most likely to invest. Then he would have gone down the line until there were no more to contact. Has the man from Memphis run out of prospective investors yet? If so, what happens now?

Sheffield seems intent on planning for Inspiration Landing no matter the negative signals. We even hear that an elected official and a Florence investor are planning on purchasing a river boat to host gambling cruises utilizing Inspiration Landing as home base. Is anyone keeping tabs on both public and private money being spent on this project?



Inspiration Landing may leave a figurative smell in Sheffield, but we fear the city may be facing a literal one soon. That's if Russ Corey's TD article about the city purchasing new trash/garbage carts is accurate.

In case anyone is clueless about this, carts don't have a lid, and just in case a misguided bin company had wrongly named their company, we did a quick Google search. No, not a single garbage cart company out there. 

While we're discussing trash receptacles, we'll throw in that unless they're metal, they're not cans either. If you live in a northwest Alabama county, you probably haven't had a can in quite a while...and we're quite sure you've never had a cart.

But perhaps we shouldn't keep trying to make the TD use the correct words for things. Using crazy words and expressions is probably all the fun the writers get.

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