Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Where Is Jessica Hamby?

Jessica Lee Ann Hamby - her story sounds much like that of Amanda Taylor. Jessica is a woman with a history of drug problems who was trying to get her life together for her parents and her children. She asked a friend for a ride to a home (address is known) and was never seen again. 

It's been over two months now since the Haleyville High School grad left a rehab facility in Haleyville and apparently walked into a miasma of "they said." If you know any of the details of that day in January when Jessica disappeared or if you've seen her since, call:

Winston County Sheriff's Department - 205-489-8765

Hackleburg Chief of Police - 205-935-3133

While it hasn't been publicly announced, we're surmising that the Hackleburg chief's involvement indicates that was the location where Jessica was dropped off. Residents of Hackleburg, please pay special attention to this case.



Forensics? Alabama labs are hopelessly backed up. A Rogersville murder and a Nitrate City murder are said to basically be solved if the forensic evidence is ever analyzed. Perhaps that's the case with the Florence murder of Andrea Susan Forbes who was found dead in her North Florence Apartment in January of last year. Or perhaps the police are still desperately seeking clues in her death and need your input. If you know anything at all, give them a call.

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Tips are also still appreciated in the Elbert Farley Davis murder. Like other cases, police are waiting for a small piece of evidence to bring the case together. Please give Mr. Davis' family some peace and call Chief Tony Logan if you have any information at all.

More: http://shoalandaspeaks.blogspot.com/2015/01/rewards-how-about-elbert-farley-davis-jr.html


Were you in jail with Robert DeShawn Childers' roommate? Did he confide anything to you? If so, the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department wants to hear from you. All tips about this missing man are anonymous.

More: http://shoalandaspeaks.blogspot.com/2016/09/why-is-robert-deshawn-childers-missing.html


Do you know where Susie Rena Lanier's body is? Her skull has been located in Tishomingo County, and her family suspects foul play. Her remains could prove either murder or accident, but they haven't been found. Call the Tishomingo Sheriff's Department if you have any leads.

More: http://shoalandaspeaks.blogspot.com/2017/07/missing-missing-missing-missing.html

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