Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sheffield School Safety/Illegal Upskirts?

From a reader:

Are Russ Corey and Lisa Singleton-Rickman reporters, or are they running PR for the city of Sheffield and its school system? I’m referring to today’s article about school safety, which of course, begins with the worship of Keith Lankford and and a rundown of his accomplishments. NOT ONCE does the article mention that parents flooded the school with visits and phone calls this past Tuesday due to the high school’s failure to follow protocol.



Apparently "upskirts" are not currently illegal in Alabama if they're taken in a public place. The legislature may soon change that, making it a misdemeanor if taken for personal "enjoyment" or a felony if posted publicly. 

Good idea? Certainly! Yet we're seeing comments (we assume from men) who see nothing wrong with this. In other words, they're saying if you don't want upskirt pics, don't wear a skirt. Really?

For anyone who needs a geographic check, yes, this is still Alabama...

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