Monday, December 5, 2016

Florence Plaza Sex Abuse Lawsuits

There were at least five reported victims of a Jungle Safari petting zoo employee last April. Now the families of three of the victims have filed suit against the owners of the traveling petting zoo and Florence Plaza. It's a safe bet there will be more suits forthcoming.

It was reported that Jungle Safari stopped traveling around the country after the incident, but such endeavors usually resurface. Has anyone ever really thought about this type of animal show?

Sure, you know the owners gull the public in with claims of how good it is for children to see these animals close up; you probably even know it's the 15.00 a pop charge to hold the baby cats that makes the owners the money. Now continue thinking along that line. Think how that works...we never had:

These babies aren't small for very long. A new nursery of infant cats has to be brought in every six weeks or so. That means breeding.

We have no problem with rescuing cats from disreputable breeders and giving them a home in captivity. These animals would be lost in Africa or India. We have a big problem with encouraging breeding in this country to make a profit. 

Let's hope the Shoals and the rest of the country has seen the last of these traveling pockets of abuse. Let's hope the families of these victims take every penny Jungle Safari has ever made.



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