Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Midnight Rider on Tuscumbia Shooting

Minimum Wage part 2 & The Officer Involved Shooting
By: The Midnight Rider

Minimum Wage
Some months ago, the Midnight Rider wrote an article for Shoalanda Speaks about raising the minimum wage and some of our misadventures. Well, I hate to do it, but I must share two misadventures from this past week. Makes you wonder if these people deserve a raise.
We went to Kentucky Fried Chicken in Muscle Shoals on Thursday night around 6:40 PM. We were told that they were out of Original as well as Crispy Chicken. All they had was Grilled. Hmmm, okay. I will take Chicken Tenders with Mashed Potatoes and Corn. We were then told that they were out of Gravy for the Mashed Potatoes.
KFC doesn’t close to 10:00 PM on Thursday nights, but at 6:40 PM they basically have no chicken or gravy. How does a Chicken place run out of Chicken?
My second misadventure was at McDonald's in Muscle Shoals. I went through the drive through and ordered Breakfast. I decided I wanted something sweet so I asked what type of pies they had. Here is how the conversation went:
Me: “What kind of pies do you have?”
Them: “Apple and Holiday”
Me: ”What flavors are in the Holiday Pie?”
Them: ”                 “  ‘Crickets Chirping’
The silence was about 2 minutes when I said “just give me an apple pie.” If you are going to sell something, at least know something about it or ask someone.
Should incompetence be rewarded with a raise?

Officer Involved Shooting
There was an Officer Involved Shooting this week in Tuscumbia. Luckily, the Police Officers and Deputy were unhurt. The subject that pulled the gun is no longer with us. It is a sad state in the world today where Law Enforcement Officers are targeted, ambushed and killed trying to protect us.
We have to give kudos to Tuscumbia Chief of Police Tony Logan. He held a Press Conference later that morning to release information to the public. While the investigation is being done by the ABI, Logan told as much as he was allowed. That shows integrity on his part to show that nothing is trying to be hid with the investigation.
Until next time, I am and always will be, the midnight rider
We'll add our kudos to Tuscumbia Chief Tony Logan as well. We'll also add that the situation could have turned out much differently; while it was still a horrible ending at best, we're thankful the Tuscumbia officers and Colbert deputy ended their shifts by going home to their families.

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