Friday, December 9, 2016

Mug Shots?/Reformed?

There’s a mini controversy raging over a mug shot. It depicts a woman arrested in a prostitution sting in South Carolina.

First we’ll say in the past we’ve posted mug shots for humorous value; however, the humor was the work of the arrestees themselves: a man who grew a white beard and looked like Santa, a woman making a face during a DUI arrest, another who dyed her hair a vibrant orange. We’ve seen similar postings on such sites as PNS when perps made faces or dressed in drag. These are all conscious choices of the individuals themselves.

So what’s odd about the woman arrested for prostitution? She has a cloudy eye that is almost completely white; now she’s being called the “zombie hooker.” We don’t know this woman’s back story, but we doubt she entered the shady world of prostitution by choice…or damaged her eye for shock value.

Welcome to the Internet…



Tomorrow is a special day for one of our perennial bad boys. For the first time in almost seven years, he won’t be in the county/state penal system.

Statistics tell us at least six out of ten convicted for drug crimes will return to prison within five years. Over seven out of ten property offenders will return. If it’s a drug/property offender? Nine out of ten will return.

We wish this man well. He says he’s attempting to do the right thing. Let’s hope he does.


  1. But does the reformed young man still owe restitution? Methinks his behavior may still be that of a spoiled brat, all because his family and friends keep telling him he's above the law. If they keep doing that, he'll never change. Put that in your pipe!

    1. AA, he may have reason to do better now. While technically "escaped," he fathered a child. He eventually married the woman and hasn't been arrested since March. I do agree he should continue to pay restitution.