Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Giving? We Have Ideas!

It’s less than 10 days until Christmas and you still need some gifts? Here are two ideas that can’t be topped:

Most of your friends have everything they need already, right? Then give a donation to HASRA in their honor. You can do this by adopting a homeless animal from one of the HASRA trees:

Now that you have at least some of your gifts covered, what do you give the local historian? A John Morgan print!

John Morgan was a Cherokee artist who specialized in painting local scenes while incorporating local residents into the vignettes. A Florence eBayer has 19 of Morgan’s large prints on sale at a very good price.

Our favorites? We have Before the Tennessean in our personal collection, but will admit the Rogers Department Store print is our favorite. Look closely and you will see Tom Rogers III among those watching a parade in front of the iconic establishment. 

Many of Morgan’s works depict trains. You’ll also notice a dog in most of Morgan’s prints. The late artist couldn’t resist painting his beloved canine in each of these scenes…and who could blame him?



We notice that most of the Morgan prints on sale came from the former First National Bank. SunTrust purchased First National some years ago. We assume the Atlanta banking institution had no use for local history…just like our “local” newspaper.

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