Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Good Thing About 2017

We've not heard anyone say that 2016 has been a good year for them. No, not one person. It may have been better than some recent years, but still not good. Rejoice, 2017 will be better. How do we know? There will be no general elections.


Of course, Gov. Bentley will call a special election to fill Sessions' seat. That's after he appoints a fill-in. Have you heard the fill-in might be Roy Moore? Well, as bad as that would be, it would at least get Moore out of the state. Just think, if he took his son with him, the crime rate would drop at least 30%.


There's even been talk of appointing Alvin Holmes to the senate. Not familiar with Holmes? Here's a great example of his work in the state legislature:

(No, we're not pro-beer, just pro-logical argument.)


2016 hasn't been great for UNA's faculty or student body. Another student passed away over Christmas:


In case you missed it, Quad-Cities Cuisine has a new review:

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