Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fast Food Stories/Christmas

Fast Food Stories and Christmas
By: The Midnight Rider
The Rider has posted several times about Fast Food horror or funny stories. This week I have two more.
Jack’s in Sheffield:
This is more of a “no wonder workers don’t care” story than anything. I was at Jack’s in Sheffield for lunch. It was pretty crowded. A Manager was at the center of the counter. A worker was at the end of the counter. This is basically what happened:
Manager: I’ve clocked you out.
Worker: Ok
Manager: You were $10 short on your drawer.
Worker: I don’t see how. I would like to see the tally form. [The worker turns to walk toward the officer]
Manager: Don’t you go into that office.  I’m busy now but I will have your Write Up ready for you in the morning.
Worker:  [Walks off]
I don’t know the worker or the Manager but I do know the restaurant was crowded and this was a conversation that should have been done in private. Plus having this conversation a half a counter away, everyone heard it. Treating employees like that is why you don’t get the best employees. If the worker was short on her drawer, she should have been able to look at the tally sheet.
Thumbs Down.

Burger King in Tuscumbia
This happened this morning. I go to the Burger King on Highway 72 in Tuscumbia. I was the only one in the Drive Through when this took place.
Me: I would like a Ham & Biscuit as well as French Toast Sticks
BK: That’s a Ham, Egg and Cheese Biscuit with a Cinnamon Roll
Me: No, I want a Ham Biscuit and French Toast Sticks
BK: Ok, a Ham Biscuit and a Cinnamon Roll
Me: No. I don’t want a Cinnamon Roll.  I want French Toast Sticks
BK: A Ham Biscuit and a 3 piece French Toast Sticks
Me: If you don’t mind, let me have the 5 piece French Sticks
BK: Ok a Ham Biscuit and a 3 piece French Toast Sticks.
Me:  [I give up]  Sure, why not.

2 thumbs down.
Christmas is right around the corner. Don’t lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday. It is not commercialized as some would like you to think.
Merry Christmas
The Midnight Rider

I am and always will be, the midnight rider

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