Thursday, December 8, 2016

Frontier Justice at UNA?

We’ve joked on here about frontier justice. Our friend the Midnight Rider has similarly mentioned that particular method of taking care of miscreants who cross the paths of those able to defend themselves. Do we actually support a type of vigilantism? No. While we think it may be deserved, we do not support the public taking the law into its own hands and reaping legal charges themselves.

There was recently an alleged rape on the UNA campus. Tyre Pickett was accused of attacking a young woman in his dorm room. Later the same night, Pickett was allegedly attacked near the UNA parking deck by four men seeking justice for the victim.

After Pickett was arrested by UNA police, the arrest warrant was revoked, and he was freed. The case will be presented to the next Lauderdale County grand jury. 

Pickett with Injured Arm & Black Eye

Obviously, there is a great deal more to this story. What was the gap in evidence that led to Pickett being freed? Who is the fourth man who attacked Pickett? Was UNA in any way to blame for losing evidence in the case?

We hope these questions will be answered soon. At this time, we can only say the moral of this lurid tale is not to take justice into your own hands. These four men acted in the heat of the moment and may have severely damaged their future in doing so.



We’ve just seen the first criticism of the new Florence City Council. Goodness, you say, what has happened? Don’t worry, it’s nothing that can’t be remedied.

Florence hasn’t decorated properly for Christmas. Shame, shame! We don’t know who is in charge of changing out flags and other decorations or if the council has dropped the ball on this. We are happy to mention this for those who are concerned.

So let’s get with it, Florence. No “Bah, humbug” allowed!


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