Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kudos to UNA Football Team!/New Stadium?

Minus five degree windchill and snowing! There should be a law that non-professional football has to be played in above freezing temps. Nevertheless, UNA did their best, and local citizenry should be proud of them.



We do have a prediction: As soon as UNA officially becomes part of Division I athletics, Steve Pierce will begin lobbying for a new football stadium. 


Speaking of new, how's the proposed Sheffield Inspiration Landing coming along? The developer plans for the amphitheatre (the cheapest component) to be the first completed project, sometime in Spring 2018. While few things ever finish exactly on schedule, the amphitheatre must be completed by around June 20th to adhere to the current plans. We assume that would mean starting construction by at least Spring 2017.

We eagerly await any updates...

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