Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Blogger & the Sheriff

There’s been an interesting story out of Morgan County. It seems there’s a blogger in Falkville who, along with others, writes the Morgan County Whistleblower. A favorite target of the blog is the sheriff who isn’t amused by the whole thing.

Now the Morgan County sheriff has been accused of having a keystroke reader program placed on the blogger’s computers (a member of the main blogger’s family was paid 500.00 to perform the nefarious little task). The sheriff has also terminated a jailer who is thought to be a major informant and has stated she has immunity from criminal charges in the matter. The whole debacle promises a drawn out court battle and is well worth watching.

It’s interesting to us since we have informants of different ilks in most police departments. Several who worked in the previous Lauderale sheriff’s administration regularly informed us of his malfeasance. We want to commend Sheriff Rick Singleton for cleaning up the sheriff’s department and making it something we can look up to and trust.



From J. Redmon:

Shoals Area gas retailers ALL raised their prices by 10-12-cents/gallon last week. THEN they raised them AGAIN ANOTHER 10-cents/gallon. Meanwhile, retailers in Town Creek and Decatur continue with the SAME prices they had 2 weeks ago. Gasoline in Decatur is STILL $1.89/gallon as of today. I think the Shoals has a 'robber baron' or two in its midst..


Baby, It's Cold Outside!

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