Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tanya Waldrep/Community Corrections

Tanya Waldrep remains in ICU at ECM Hospital after being shot by her husband Kenny Joe Waldrep before Christmas. Tanya's two daughters have lost work time, as have other family members. Now there's a GoFundMe account where you can contribute to their expenses:

We notice the goal for this account is a modest $2,000.00. The originator states it will also be used for expenses not covered by insurance. We expect the family to be very unpleasantly surprised when they see the actual amount not covered. Let's hope this funding campaign will alleviate at least part of their problems.



If found guilty in Tanya Waldrep's shooting, her husband will be required to pay restitution. This is an area our criminal justice system needs to work on. We receive at least one e-mail a week informing us of unpaid restitution while the miscreant roams the streets freely...partying, marrying, and reproducing.


Community Corrections is a good idea in itself. Yet those who participate abuse the program (We see that Shannon Lightsey was almost immediately arrested after being placed in the program). There are also those who manage to pay their $35.00 a week, or more, and continue on their merry way, telling others they're completely free of the system.

These individuals need to remember that even community corrections has its limits. Too much freedom and they'll be sent down south to finish their sentences.

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