Friday, December 30, 2016

The Return of the Muskrat/TVA Plays Grinch?

Yes, the Tuscumbia Muskrat is alive and well and has honored us with a holiday message:

I’m back … The Tuscumbia Muskrat hiatus has ended. I return at the end of the year to applaud the changes occurring within Tuscumbia’s Spring Park. For example: Spring Park’s Christmas lights went up EARLY this year and it looked MARVELOUS. Every light bulb matched perfectly with its image depiction. Even the downtown Christmas Wreath lights were perfectly displayed with green and red lights. Before this year it was becoming difficult to make out the image of the Christmas light displays. Bad or broken light bulbs were lazily replaced with random color light bulbs or clear light bulbs - so basically it just looked crappy. 

So who was responsible for the Christmas light display overhaul? Was it the new Mayor or was it the new park committee? I think it was both the new Mayor and his new park committee. And I say BRAVO!!! I know for some people an overhaul on Christmas lights may seem minor, but for me it shows that this new administration cares about everything – including the little things. Tuscumbia has been unmanaged and unmaintained for far too long. Now change is in the air and I LOVE IT. 

It was so nice not to have our annual Times Daily article with our Park Manager blaming vandals (aka excuse) for Spring Park’s poor Christmas light displays. Speaking of Park Manager - I often ponder on his job status. I have heard that the new committee has taken the reigns and thus they were mainly responsible for the Christmas light display facelift. I am excited and highly anticipate what other changes loom as 2017 approaches. 

Will the carousel horses be re-painted? Will the train have all the passenger carts in operation? Will the rollercoaster be overhauled? Will Azaleas return to the park? Much will be answered very soon. If the new committee continues to take charge then I think Tuscumbia and Spring Park will once again shine as the crown jewel of Colbert County. Things are changing and I will always be watching – stay tuned!

Tuscumbia Muskrat

(The image we've used to illustrate the holiday message is real, so if you would like some muskrat themed ornaments for next year, simply Google "muskrat Christmas."


Most government entities purchase things such as fuel months, if not YEARS, in advance in order to get a good price locked in. Apparently TVA doesn't subscribe to such practice.

We've all seen 'fuel adjustments' added to our monthly utility bills over the years. They usually run between $7-$8, but occasionally have been as high as $12-$14. But $54.81???? THAT is the amount of the 'TVA fuel adjustment' fee added to my utility bill this month. If every TVA-serviced household is being HIT (And that is exactly what this is. A HIT!) with the same $54.81 'fuel adjustment' fee, TVA is making out like the proverbial bandit. Something stinks...


Many remember the nefarious exploits of Trent Townsend and Steve Murphy, but even if you don't, be sure to check out the latest Shoals Crime:

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