Sunday, December 18, 2016

Let George Do It

“Let George do it” is a very old saying; basically it means let someone else do whatever needs to be done. This saying incorporates the fallacy that someone else always will. Unfortunately this isn’t true.

The TimesDaily is reporting a contest to raise money for Lawrence County was a dud. After worldwide publicity, the Mustang Sally contest garnered less than 400 votes/dollars. We’ll give the contest organizer an “A” for effort and originality, but he totally misjudged the mindset of those he targeted.

A failed contest isn’t that big of deal, but what about a failed children’s clothing drive?

Sure, you can say it’s the parents’ fault that their kids don’t have adequate clothing…and you may be right the majority of the time. That still doesn’t change the fact that these kids, who may have been counting on these coats, will go without this Christmas.

Let’s hope some of our readers will send a small donation to the Lions’ food drive. At least the needy in Red Bay can eat well this holiday.



Two days ago we mentioned John Morgan prints for sale on eBay. Within 20 hours or less, 13 of the 19 were sold. No, we have no connection to the seller; we simply feel all Morgan prints should have a good home. We now expect the price of these six remaining prints to increase the next time they’re relisted, so if you’re in the market, now’s the time to buy. (Mr. Morgan is deceased, so there will never be new prints of any ilk, and existing prints rarely come on the market.)

"Tuscumbia" Based on Richard Sheridan Description

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