Saturday, December 24, 2016

Who Paid for the Sheffield Library Renovations?

Earlier this week, we published a blog from the Midnight Rider that mentioned the renovations to the Sheffield Public Library. At least one reader disagreed with M.R.’s take on the library, specifically mentioning that the Friends of the Library paid for the renovations. Did that group do so?

We were unfamiliar with the background on the construction work. Make no mistake that we of all people support local libraries; still we had no idea of the facts and figures of the project.

According to the last published information, the City of Sheffield paid for a little over 39% of the renovations; however, once the work was underway, there were additional costs—how much we don’t know. Neither do we know if the city paid anything toward the cost overrun.

Even if the city didn’t pay any of the additional expense, the 120K it did pay is no small amount for a town the size of Sheffield. Each citizen is entitled to agree with the payment or to disagree. The important thing is that no one told any “falsehoods” as the Muscle Shoals reader commented.



Speaking of falsehoods, whatever happened to that famous amusement park two local guys were hawking?


We want to take this opportunity to thank J. Redmon, the Midnight Rider, Bailey Quarters, Leslie M. Shoals, and L. Stone for their contributions this past year. Shoalanda herself might not always agree 100% with every one of their stances, but we support their right to voice an educated opinion.

Similarly, we welcome blogs and comments from each of our readers. Keep them coming.

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