Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Do You Know Who Works for You?

A few years ago some acquaintances had work done on their home. A short time after the work was completed, their English bulldog puppy was kidnapped. Coincidence?

This morning we read that a certain notorious house painter was back in jail. While it wasn’t for theft from his clients this time (he alternates between theft, drug, and domestic violence crimes), we were surprised that this man has not yet been sent south.

If Lightsey is ever free from the system, we hope he finds lucrative work in construction or a similar job and is able both to support himself and pay restitution. Similarly, we hope he’s never employed inside anyone’s home again. Sadly, he may be.

How many of you don’t check references? We’re sure at least a few of our readers are hurried to get a job done and don’t make the best choice in those who work in and around their homes. The next time you need a renovator, remember Shannon David Lightsey and ask for references.


Winter begins officially tomorrow at 4:44 a.m. Most of us will be safely inside, we hope; however, temps are expected to rise precipitously before Christmas. Let's hope the polar vortex has retired for another year.


We’ve often criticized Libby Stockard Jordan in the past for riding on her husband’s coattails. Now we’re going to give her some much deserved kudos for taking a stand on UNA spending. Mrs. Jordan is supportive of a new roof for Collier Library. At a recent board of trustees meeting, she stated new university projects shouldn’t be undertaken while current buildings are falling apart. Amen!

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