Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dubious Award or Who's Yo Daddy?

There's an old saying:

Mama's baby,
Daddy's maybe.

Unfortunately that's true in many cases. When a woman goes to DHR for help raising a child or when a child is taken away from a woman, paternity needs to be established, either to facilitate adoption or to force the father to pay child support. Apparently there's an award for the latter, at least in Tennessee.

The Tennessee judicial/DHR District 22 includes Lawrenceburg. Is it comforting to know they're on the ball tracking down fathers who have abdicated their roles?

Think about this: a woman can sign an affidavit that Joe Bleaux is the father of her child, and DHR can then come after him with a warrant and needle or cotton swab in hand to collect DNA. Apparently a great many men (and women) never heard of the term "personal responsibility."

No matter how many men support their illegitimate children financially, only a small percentage support them emotionally...and usually for a very short period of time. Practice contraception if you can't practice abstinence. Every child deserves two loving parents.



CameraBryan's Youtube videos are always interesting--you can find a link to some of his albums in our sidebar; however, the one below is particularly interesting due to the person interviewed:

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