Tuesday, December 6, 2016

And the Community Said "Meh"

It's now official that the University of North Alabama will be a Division I institution. Steve Pierce is happy. Ken Kitts is relieved. Mark Linder got a chance to speak at a news conference without really saying anything (his specialty). The only person in the whole kerfuffle who appeared competent was Marty Abroms--at least that's something. 

So whom will UNA now play in football? Here's the current Big South members list: Charleston Southern, Gardner-Webb, Liberty, Kennesaw State, Presbyterian, and Monmouth. It's bad enough when UNA plays Christian Brothers; now we'll have to yell "Kill the Presbyterians." 



Drive-Thru Story of the Day:

Cashier - Oh, I'm so sorry. I did that wrong. I'm so sorry.
Customer - That's fine. No harm done.
Cashier - No. Really, I am just so sorry.
Customer - You must have to deal with some very rude people.
Cashier - Oh, you know my manager...

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