Monday, December 12, 2016

An American Werewolf in Athens (Alabama)

There’s a new wolf in the area; Sweet Wolf may have some competition. Below is a photo of Brandon Kane Glass. If you can’t tell what’s tattooed where his eyebrows should be, it’s “Devil’s Reject.”

In 2010, Glass argued with a friend and stabbed him. The next year, the Athens man was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to five years in the state penal system. Now he’s asking for some special privileges.

Glass claims to be trans-species and wants the same rights as transgender prisoners. Specifically, he wants to be allowed a three day pass once a month to go howl at the moon with his cousins in the Wolf Creek Preserve near Jasper. He also wouldn’t mind some injections of lupine DNA in order to further his transition along.

Glass will end his sentence early next year. Perhaps at that time he can move in with Sweet Wolf at the Weeden home. The Shoals area is painfully low on werewolves at the moment.



We never cease to be amazed at juries:

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