Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chip Dillard Seals His Fate?

Have you ever said “I could kill him/her?” Most of us have, yet we didn’t really mean it. It’s certainly not the wisest move to be sitting in a jail cell and announcing how easy it would be to kill witnesses against us as well as police officers who investigated our case.

Did Florence attorney Edward Ray “Chip” Dillard really behave so foolishly? According to Franklin County inmate Fredrick Terrell Helton, Dillard uttered the threats in his company, but later claimed it was all a psychological game to intimidate those who will oppose him in court, not actually harm them. Whom has he really harmed? Obviously himself, and we’ll be surprised if he doesn’t rate a new indictment due to his remarks.


While they may look cold, summer has just begun for these little guys.


Did you notice the police officer who testified against Dillard at his bond reduction hearing works drug cases? Still no indictment against Dillard for supplying clients with pills. Theoretically, if the attorney general’s office is seeking life plus 270 years, more indictments are superfluous and a waste of our district attorney’s time and resources.


Mega-churches? A reader has informed us the Church of the Highlands is coming to the Shoals. Will that organization, scheduled to begin worship services in Florence in February, purchase the Sweetwater Plantation property? We have to place it in the realm of possibility.


Five-star generals? Yesterday we mentioned that there have been no such promotions since WWII. One of our readers pointed out that we were in error. Indeed, General Omar Bradley was the last to be elevated to that rank in 1950. Another reader pointed out that the U.S. still has supreme commanders, but none who ranks above a four-star general. We’re happy to make those corrections…and to have learned something.

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