Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why is Robert DeShawn Childers Missing?

For those not aware of Robert DeShawn Childers’ story:

* Childers’ father purchased a house and land at a Lauderdale County tax auction around 20 years ago.

* The elder Childers failed to pay taxes, stating he thought he was exempt due to his age and a disability. In short, he dropped the ball.

* Approximately 10 years ago, Robert DeShawn Childers, a physically and emotionally disabled veteran, moved into the home and has resided there since that time.

* Due to unpaid taxes, the property was again sold and was purchased by Leroy Darby.

* Approximately two years ago, Leroy Darby upped his legal attempt to evict the Childerses from the property. A short time later, the senior Childers passed away.

* Approximately four to five months ago, Leroy Darby had Childers’ power permanently turned off; Shawn spent the summer without air conditioning.

* Approximately two to three months ago, Leroy Darby managed to have Shawn evicted in part. A court order stopped the proceedings, but Shawn’s possessions were discarded in a ditch.

* Earlier this week, Shawn Childers went missing.


DeShawn Childers

What has happened to Robert DeShawn Childers? There are six possibilities:

* Shawn left his home for a walk and had a medical emergency, not being physically able to make it back.

* Shawn left for some secluded spot to think over his problems, not telling anyone where he was going.

* Shawn went for a walk and was picked up by someone with whom he decided to make a new life without telling anyone.

* Shawn went for a walk and was picked up by some lowlife who robbed him of what little money he had and discarded him in some manner.

* Shawn had grown so weary of life’s hardships that he no longer wished to continue.

* Shawn was taken out of the picture by someone who would benefit from his removal.


Public records tell us that Robert DeShawn Childers has had problems in his past, problems all related to substance abuse that are not uncommon in many veterans. Before readers bombard us with these issues, please remember that Shawn was not a drug trafficker, rapist, or baby snatcher. He was someone who had not, for whatever reason, gotten the help he needed.

What of Leroy Darby? Certainly he legally owned the property in which Shawn was residing, or at least had a good claim to it. Was Shawn in any way Leroy Darby’s legal responsibility? No.

Yet morally and ethically, Leroy Darby at least failed as a human being. At this point we don’t know the full story of Shawn’s disappearance. Let’s hope he will shortly be found safe and Leroy Darby has no new events for which to answer.


  1. Im not sure I understand....It sounds like Leroy Darby purchased the house and allowed Childers to live there, for what, a couple of years? I have as much empathy as anyone for one of our veterans, contribute to Wounded Warrior, and do what I can, They have my utmost respect. If what you said about Childers is true, and was known, Leroy Darby is not the only "human being failure." If you know Leroy Darby to be morally or ethically deficient in his life or business dealings, that's something to explore. Otherwise, you seem to be taking a very hard stance against him. The trauma of war, as bad as it is, does not give someone the right to be a burden on society, and not seek the help they need.

    1. Darby paid only 600.00 for the property. If I had purchased the property, yes, I would have wanted it; however, when the senior Childers passed away, I would have at least tried to make arrangements to re-sell the property to Shawn. Having the power cut off on a disabled man during the summer does not speak well of Darby.

    2. ...and, yes, when we think of Darby, Snidely Whiplash comes to mind.

  2. Thank you. This man is a gentle giant. People have constantly taken advantage of his trust and put him in very bad scenarios. Anything to get the word out to help look for him is a great thing!

    1. I totally agree a "gentle giant" I've known Shawn since high school yet I haven't seen him in years. I agree with the $600 invested... A veteran of our country instead of helping this man his electric was turned off and his lifes belongings thrown in a ditch like an animal. Greed is so very ugly...I pray that Shawn is found safe and sound and I pray for his family.

  3. Shawn never served the military so how is he a veteran

    1. How do you know? And that is what you got from the whole story? Wow! So, I am going to help you with something.....look at the BIG picture. Bet you never heard THAT phrase before huh. Here are some others, just in case you missed them too....KARMA, what goes around comes around, do unto others, you know crap like that. I tell you these things so when the Golden Rule slaps you in the back of the head, and it will, you can't say you were not told or you didn't know. Because if we ever have any kind of major castrophe, I.e., war on American soil, natural disasters ( look at Haiti today)and we lost electrical power for months with no way for businesses, banks, grocery stores could operate...see what happens...and when you need help hopefully you will not encounter,uh, you. Consider yourself informed.

  4. Where is SHAWN CHILDERS? Anybody?