Saturday, September 17, 2016

Guns & Liquor: How School Policies Differ

Liquor/Lottery, Chicago & the Puppy Dog
By: The Midnight Rider
Liquor & Lottery

Sholanda Speaks recently ran an article about a Liquor Store advertising and/or endorsing a school. It got the Rider thinking. I understand this is the Bible Belt, but it is also 2016. Alabama doesn’t realize the money that it is losing with Alcohol Sales and the Lottery. If you City or County is not Wet (allows alcohol sales), then the citizens that want a drink are going to go to a city or town that is, for a drink.
People are going to partake of alcohol if they wish. The cities or towns that can’t see this are watching money floating into other cities or towns. If you don’t drink and you go into a restaurant that serves alcohol, don’t order any booze. It’s that simple. I like to eat, so that is why I am at a restaurant, not for the liquor.
It is the same with the Lottery. As most of you know, the Lottery Bill for Alabama got shot down again. Well that means that there will be a stream of cars going to Tennessee to get Lottery Tickets. How much money have Alabama Citizens spent in Tennessee for Lottery Tickets? Don’t know, but I do know that have better roads than Alabama.
I will conclude this section with endorsements. Schools are always going to local businesses looking for donations. I was talking to my friend Bobby Inman over at Hammer Down Gun & Pawn recently about this. He told me that “Sheffield Schools, Sheffield Ladies Softball, Sheffield Police Department, etc are always coming around wanting donations. He has always given something to them. However, he gave a customer and her daughter a Hammer Down Shirt. The daughter wore it to school and got in trouble about it. So where is the fairness in that? Hmm, I’m going to have to ponder on this one a little longer.

Chicago: Shooting and Homicide Capitol in 2016
As most of you have seen on TV or read in the newspapers, In Chicago, people are shooting/killing each other left and right. The stats of today 9-13-16 are as follows:
Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 473
Shot & Wounded: 2,582
Total Shot: 3,055
Total Homicides: 527
Ok, the Rider is going to tell you how to fix this problem. “Get the Hell out of Chicago. Run!”.
The End
The Puppy Dog
This morning it was on Social Media as well as the News Media that someone threw a bag containing a puppy in it onto the side of the road. A motorist stopped when they saw the bag moving. A small puppy was found inside. Florence Police was called and the puppy was taking to the Animal Shelter for emergency help.
The suspect was driving a White Nissan Altima with Red Under Carriage Lights. If you know who this person may be, please contact the Florence Police Department.
Now, with that being said, a person that will do this to a small animal like that needs what we use to call a “Bunkhouse Attitude Adjustment.”
For the person who did this, there is a special place in Hell for you.

I am and always will be, the midnight rider

A few words on the Rider's comments:

M.R. mentioned Sheffield specifically concerning their dress code. We've had complaints about Sheffield's code, as well as Muscle Shoals' before. Our answer has always been to abide by the code; you or your children won't be in school forever.

Why can students at Lauderdle County High School, at least football players, wear shirts advertising a liquor store, but students at Sheffield High are not allowed to wear a shirt advertising a gun store? We have no firsthand knowledge of the circumstances, but the football players may wearing the shirts at pep rallies, etc., and not to class. We would be interested in more specifics of this advertising.

The puppy? We're now told there is more to the story than was first reported. Whoever did this to the little girl needs to be punished, but apparently there isn't enough evidence to do so.


Regular readers know we give everyone a voice here as long as they can avoid vulgar language, libelous statements, etc. A few individuals have criticized Rogersville Rose and Rose's opinions. They have also attributed Rose's opinions to Shoalanda herself. This doesn't speak badly of SS, but of those who can't read or who intentionally try to mislead others with false information.

As for what has happened at Lauderdale County High School, we don't know. We welcome comments and any personal observations from those who are familiar with the situation. As we said, different schools have different policies, but we do wonder how many of our readers think advertising for a gun store is somehow less acceptable than advertising for a liquor store?

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