Thursday, September 15, 2016

Florence District One Is Pivotal

Pictured above is District One in Florence. Note the size; while the region is certainly gerrymandered, it extends from Fairgrounds Road south to nearly the Tennessee River. It obviously covers a myriad of homes, businesses, and recreational areas. It's home to individuals from all walks of life.

Until almost four years ago, District One was served by Mr. Sam Pendleton whom we greatly admired. Even if we differed in opinion, we always knew Mr. Pendleton had the best interest of his district at heart. He was no "yes man."

After Mr. Pendleton retired, Dave Smith was elected. Even his campaign was based on dirty tricks as we've noted in this blog before. Once elected, Smith was very adept at throwing candy at parades and not much else. Instead of searching for answers to local problems, Smith created more, as with the tempest in a water bowl over the location of the new animal shelter.

It's time for a new direction, a fresh beginning. It's time for Kaytrina P. Simmons to step up to serve District One. If West Florence and parts of North Florence expect to see positive change, they have to elect Ms. Simmons on October 4th!


I'm Prince and I approve Shoalanda's message!


After Prince's last blog, two readers asked about his ethnicity. Prince had stated he was a beagle, while the readers thought he was a dachshund. We asked our Canine-American blogging friend, and he informed us he was of mixed heritage, what some would call a mutt, but he identified as a beagle. That's good enough for us.

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