Friday, September 9, 2016

Graham Demands Second Recount/A Thank You from a LEO

Current District Three councilman Hermon Graham has now demanded a second recount in the August 23rd race that saw him lose to political newcomer David Bradley, or at least he has announced his attorney will demand it. Until the count is official, Mr. Bradley won’t be able to make plans for his first days in office. Let’s hope this second recount, one performed entirely by hand, will be done shortly, and Florence will be on its way to better things.


The runoff for municipal elections will be in approximately three weeks. Florence will continue to vote on the office of mayor and Districts 1 & 4 council members. No matter the results, District 4 will have a new representative. We’ll again be discussing these offices next week.


From a reader:

I thought I wanted to be a police officer, but little did I know what they go thru. Thank you for standing up for law enforcement. Now I’m in security outside Atlanta and I love it and make some nice money too. My uncle was a sheriff’s deputy for 20 years and I often heard him say he’d rather confront armed bank robbers than a DV situation.

He said he dreaded the calls from Central and Cloverdale the most. Women who could barely stand after being beaten would then hit and spit at him for trying to help. These people are a law unto their own. They’re not like us and never will be as long as they don’t even try to lead law abiding lives. But it’s never their fault.

If you can use your blog to promote any position or idea, please keep stressing how important the police are and how much their lives matter. The ones who complain about it will never learn, but at least someone tried to help them. Thank you again.


Rest assured, we will always support our local law enforcement. From all of us here to all of them: Thank you!

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  1. Did you notice that family could hardly read? They don't understand who anyone is. They also have pics with confederate flags and tats with white supremacist symbols. These kinds always hate police.