Monday, September 19, 2016

A Word from Steve Modas/Lucky to be Alive?

From Mr. Steve Modas in answer to a blog post by Rogersville Rose:

My name is Steve Modas; most people just call me Big Steve. I appreciate the chance Shoalanda Speaks has given me to respond to an article posted on here written by Rogersville Rose concerning my business (Big Steve's) donating money and items to schools. This practice of helping schools seems to irritate Rose. If selling alcohol eliminates us from helping schools then it would also eliminate Walmart, Food Land, Publix, Dollar General. Walgreens, CVS pharmacy, and most restaurants and gas stations. We wouldn't have many businesses left to help the schools. 

Times are hard for schools; government funding is constantly being cut even as government puts more mandates on them. Businesses and individuals including myself try to help by donating to worthy projects and programs. Rogersville Rose didn't like it that my name was put on a shirt. I've attached pictures of both sides of the shirt. No students were given these shirts and no where do they mention alcohol. 

I sponsored a big basketball tournament held around Christmas each year back when I was in business with my son at Lil' Steve's. Lil' Steve's has some liquor stores but mainly they are gas stations we had a banner hanging that said nothing more than 'Lil' Steve's an American family owned business' no mention of alcohol. We try to feed the home and visiting teams during playoff games it seems that them thanking me for doing that during the game also upset Rogersville Rose. Rogersville Rose has probably never helped the schools; most people that like to condemn those that do usually don't. 

I was condemned all over Facebook for wanting to set up a lunch fund at Brooks for anyone that didn't have lunch money for any reason. Those that condemned me for it at least did it on their Facebook using their name. Although I know who Rogersville Rose is and I know it's just a personal attack on me, most people don't know it. 

To Rose and anyone else that has a problem with schools being helped at least let everyone know who you are and don't hide your vindictiveness behind a beautiful flower. In closing Rose also says that I might be trying to attract future customers. That's just ridiculous; anyone that knows me knows I don't sell to minors and never will. I don't think anything I have done to help schools will cause a student to start drinking. I just want to help when I can and God willing I will continue helping. 

Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to comment on what's been written about me on here.


We're happy to publish the above from Mr. Modas. We will note that the name "Rogersville Rose" was given our reader by us and not one that she/he chose. We are also happy tp publish the attached photos. We had visualized only the name of a liquor store on the front and a bottle of booze on the back. Now we all have the real picture:


We've had several readers contact us bout the Saturday night incident at Sidepockets Lounge. One faithful reader has informed us Nick Hoffman was extremely high on drugs and attempted to stab a third man, but was prevented from doing so by a woman who hit him over the head with a chair. Good for her!

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  1. I don't think everybody truly understands the big heart and pure intentions Steve Modas has in sponsoring, donating and participating in helping the schools. Our children spend 8-9 hours a day in classrooms under the influence of teachers, parents and the things they believe in. If a small town doesn't have businesses or people to help the students financially, the small town is forced to merge with other towns or other school systems. My children were forced to merge. It was a disastrous situation. I immediately enrolled them in a private school and it was a big financial burden for our family. The people of Rogersville should especially support the businesses that support their students. Pure motives and pure intentions keep those that are condemned coming back to continue to support. I don't know what Rose's intentions or motives are for the condemnation of Big Steves. I certainly don't believe they were pure. I'll leave the decision for the residents of Rogersville to decide about the motives of Rose. I hope the businesses continue to support the schools or the devastation of a merge will happen and it is worse than anyone can fathom. Big Steve has pledged his continued support. Perhaps Rose would like to make a contribution to the students of the school he is so concerned about.