Wednesday, September 7, 2016

He Tried to Run Down Two Police Officers...

A man was found dead yesterday in Lauderdale County. According to knowledgeable sources, the deceased had been released from jail on probation only three days before his suspected day of death. Why had this man been incarcerated? Among other things, while high on drugs, he attempted to run down two policemen. Besides the assault charges, the man had been arrested for drug possession, theft of property, and attempting to elude police.

Articles in various publications have been online concerning this man for over 18 months; no one has objected. Yet now some in his family are terming “slander” the charges for which the deceased was convicted. They say he was a loving father. Yet he hadn’t been in his son’s life for at least a year. When he had a chance to leave crime and incarceration behind and become a loving father, he instead chose to return to drugs. This is the memory the son will have of his father…for his entire life.

Still another family member has stated online that the system failed the deceased. Perhaps it did. Yet we aren’t seeing any of the family remarking on their failure. They seemingly didn’t even know the man was missing for several days.

We do offer this man’s family our sincerest sympathy and our prayers. One of our prayers and fervent wishes is that they, and others like them, learn the meaning of personal responsibility.


Jobs. That one word can comprise an entire political platform. Can one elected official bring hundreds of jobs to the Shoals? Can pigs fly?

When we read of micro companies locating in the Shoals, then continue to read the words of our elected officials concerning these jobs, read of their great rejoicing in the five or ten new positions which have perhaps three hundred aspiring applicants, we find it remarkable that our emperors even wear clothes.


Yes, but can Alabama play soccer?

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