Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Midnight Rider & Muskrat News

Election Results, Muskrats, & the Panty Tree
By: The Midnight Rider

Election Results
First, The Rider gave you an endorsement for 4 Election Candidates. They were:
Tuscumbia Mayor: Kerry Underwood
Tuscumbia District One: Katie Logan
Sheffield District 4: Penny Freeman
Lexington Mayor: Sandra Killen Burroughs
All four of the above candidates won. I guess the Rider should retire to Vegas and become an Odds Maker.

I recently read that the Muskrats at Spring Park in Tuscumbia had disappeared. Since I had interviewed one of them once before, I decided to go see what had happened to them. This is what happened last night…
I walked into the tree line at Spring Park. The wind blew the leaves making strange noises. The moon had been covered in clouds that when it shifted it brought eerie reflections. I heard a stick crack behind me. As I spun around, drawing my sixgun, I saw yellow eyes peering out of the night.
Out of the shadows walked Mike the Muskrat. He looked at me and stated “Hello Rider.” I reholstered my six-shooter and said “Hello Mike. I hear people have been looking for you.” Mike nodded and said “yeah, we have been waiting for the election results to see who was taking over.” I told him that I knew that “Kerry Underwood and Katie Logan had won and that they were good people.” He nodded and said “maybe we can work a truce out with my people and yours.” I replied “maybe so” as I walked away.
Getting back to my horse, Mike shouted out “Hey Rider!” I looked at him as he said “what’s this we have been hearing about a Panty Tree…”
And Finally The Panty Tree
It appears the Rider has gotten something started about The Panty Tree. Some say it is in Florence, some say it is in Sheffield. Well I will tell you where it is…………Who cares, it is in the middle of the River. If Florence wants to share this great National Monument, so be it. There are enough panties to go around.
I went back the other day to check it out again. I saw various colors and sizes of panties and some that that looked like Dental Floss. I didn’t know that you could consider something that small as practical. So I have decided to do some research on the Tree. I spoke to a friend of mine who works at Sheffield Police Department who told this story:
"The Railroad Bridge closes at a certain time. During patrol, if we see a car there after closing time, we have to go tell them to leave. I was driving by and saw a car. I walked onto the Bridge to tell them to leave. At the end of the bridge, this young man had put up a hammock connected to the supports of the bridge. A young lady was with him in the hammock. She was engaged in “discussing world politics” with him.” After telling them they had to leave, I turned around and walked away. I thought to myself “this young man put a lot of thought into the adventure (or misadventure since it was interrupted).”
Final thought. Sunday I was eating lunch at a local restaurant. Watching the various TVs in the establishment, I saw some Rapper and his “entourage” performing before a Tennis Match. When did this become common place? What’s next, Snoop Dog will be announcing Golf Games. What a minute, that may be pretty cool.

Until next time….
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


Our friend the Tuscumbia Muskrat seems to have disappeared. His leaving the scene could simply be due to Kerry Underwood's election or, sadly, it could be that the Muskrat has shaken off his mortal coil. 

While we have heard rumors of the Muskrat being this person or that person, the name Delton Posey often came up. Mr. Posey, a long time City of Tuscumbia employee who wished for better things for his hometown, passed away last month. 

We always enjoyed our online conversations with Mr. Posey. Our sincerest sympathy to his family.


Before it was known as the TotallyDecatur, the TimesDaily was often referred to north of the river as the Daily Disappointment. Those brought up south of the river were known to call our daily rag the TriCycle Daily

It would seem there is now indeed a TriCycle Daily. You don't want to miss any of its news stories:

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