Saturday, September 24, 2016


Dynasties: good or bad? Obviously they can be either. Some time ago an article in the TimesDaily commented on the Heflin political dynasty in Alabama, as well as the Jordan political dynasty in Florence. Our opinion? Two generations in the same field don’t make a dynasty, so Dick Jordan’s family doesn’t count. 

Are all dynasties good? Unfortunately, no. A reader asked us about the Crowden family in Florence, a family with three generations of males known for their expertise in the field of burglary. No, not all dynasties are to be lauded. (We will probably do an extended article on these three at a later date for Shoals Crime.)

So what are you teaching your children?


A reader reminded us that not only is Shawn Childers still missing, so is Chance Southern, a young man from Florence. No, we don’t think these two cases are related, but we hope both men are found safe very shortly.

Both have been missing for almost a week. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please call the authorities.


We’re going to assume 99.99% of our reading audience is happy tonight…at least in the football department!

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