Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hermon Graham Demands Recount

Current Florence City Councilman Hermon Graham is not a gracious loser. In case you missed the WAFF story (our local rag the TotallyDecatur has so far neglected to publish this extremely interesting tale), Graham has requested a recount of the August 23rd ballots. Bradley won the race with 63% of the vote; however, Graham was so certain of his victory that he has stated there must have been problems with the voting machines.

If by any stretch of the imagination, Graham is right about the vote, the city will pay for the recount. If Graham is wrong, as any intelligent person could predict, he will pay the cost of a recount. An official date for the recount at Florence city hall on College Street has not been announced, but insiders say it may be as soon as Tuesday morning.

Graham has basically said that if Andy Betterton and Blake Edwards won, he should have also. We’re not sure of the logic behind Graham’s belief; in fact, we’re not sure why Betterton won. Edwards won because he had no viable opponent.

One incumbent had no opposition, and one incumbent chose not to run. The sixth race, District One, will be decided in a runoff between incumbent Dave Smith and political newcomer and rising star Kaytrina P. Simmons.

The only thing the Florence city council race was lacking was a candidate named Chad…


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