Sunday, September 25, 2016

We're Bringing Neiman Marcus & Harrod's to Florence

Yes, we at Shoalanda are arranging for mega department stores Neiman Marcus and Harrod’s to come to Florence. How are we doing this? Simply because Florence deserves these stores; they should be ours. And if you vote for Shoalanda for Grand Poobah, we will make sure they locate here.

Did anyone reading the above think any of that made sense? No? Well, how about this: The new Publix should have been built in Tuscumbia rather than Muscle Shoals. Anyone out there think that’s something a Tuscumbia town councilperson could achieve?

For those who may not know, the Shoals’ latest Publix is located at the corner of Woodward Avenue and Sixth Street. Well…it is close to Tuscumbia; however, does any thinking person believe Publix would have located in Tuscumbia if the Muscle Shoals property had not been available? Or do you think the grocery giant would have kept searching for available parcels in Muscle Shoals?

So what should you in Tuscumbia think of someone running for office who says: That should have been us. That’s exactly what District 3 candidate William Foster said. Did he elaborate on how he would have accomplished that if he had been in office? Sadly, no.

Foster faces longtime businessman David Couch in the October 4th runoff. It was a very close primary on August 23rd and should be similarly close in the runoff. Only one vote separated Foster and Couch, so your vote counts in the runoff.

David Couch has a degree in economics from UNA, has worked for AT&T for years, and has real plans for his district…not pie in the sky promises. He’s said it’s not all glamour as some citizens want, but actual work to prepare an infrastructure for new business.

Vote for logic; vote for a viable candidate; vote for David Couch on October 4th.


Tomorrow morning, it will be one week since Robert DeShawn Childers was last seen; what are the odds he will be found? Most people think missing persons cases end at some point one way or the other, but do they?

Robert Gene Weems went missing from Florence 19 years ago. At this point, it’s a good guess he hitched a ride with someone and began a new life…or his life sadly ended due to making the wrong choice.

Let’s hope Shawn Childers will shortly be found alive and well.

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